Hard Part Turning

To go for hard part turning means elimination of grinding operations. In most of the cases it is cost effective and produces precision quality parts as well.

Hard parts having different hardness are being used in many applications. Generally the hard parts are finished on grinding machines in different set-ups for different diameters. This takes extra time and extra precaution is also needed to achieve the required results, especially the concentricity, perpendicularity and parallelism.

To overcome this inconvenience, we can choose the Hard Part turning option which gives us wider operational flexibility. As compared with grinding operations, by hard part turning the parts are produced faster and with repeated required concentricity, parallelism, perpendicularity and surface finish (up to 0.4 microns) too.

We produce many parts of pneumatic tools with hardness from 52 HRC to 62 HRC by turning on CNC lathes. These parts also include some parts having interruptions of drill holes, milled slots etc. Small and medium parts are more suitable for hard part turning.